Agro-food marketing and consumer behavior

About us

The research group Agro-food Marketing and Consumer Behaviour integrates expertise in the scientific disciplines of economics, sociology, agro-food marketing, consumer behaviour, market and marketing research, risk perception, communication, health promotion, and health education.
This expertise has been demonstrated in recent high-quality studies on consumer behaviour towards functional foods, nutrition and health claims, nutrition labelling, sustainability and on the role of health-related information on food choice and dietary behaviour.
This group has extensive expertise in performing cross-cultural consumer studies and has been a key partner with research and management responsibilities in over 15 EU-funded research projects (FP6, FP7, H2020). This includes involvement in the EU-FP6 Integrated Projects SEAFOODplus, TRUEFOOD, QPORKCHAINS and PROSAFEBEEF, the EU-FP7 Collaborative Projects EATWELL, FOODRISC, ACROPOLIS, SOLID, CLYMBOL, ECsafeSEAFOOD, PHYTOME and FOODINTEGRITY and the EU-H2020 project PROMISS and SEAFOODTOMORROW.

The main research focus within the group is to model and optimize decisions in the broad field of agricultural and environmental economics using tailored integrated models. We collaborate with a variety of regional, national and supranational institutions and regularly engage in high-level research projects.


Research focus and projects

Research focus

  • Food consumer science
  • Consumer and stakeholder acceptance of technological innovations in the agro-food chain
  • Trends and changes in food and dietary choice
  • Impact of ethical and sustainability concerns of citizens and consumers

Research projects

  • Ongoing research projects
  • Past research projects


  • Economics
  • Consumer behavior and marketing of bio)-industrial products
  • Food marketing and consumer behavior
  • Advanced marketing and agribusiness management
  • Food and nutrition policies
  • General economics

Contact and staff

Wim Verbeke
Head of research group
Christine Yung Hung
Christine Yung Hung received a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences (Doctor of Bioscience Engineering): Food Science and Nutrition from Ghent University...
Fien Minnens
Fien Minnens is an assistant at the Department of Agricultural Economics, since 2016. She holds an MSc Degree in Bioscience Engineering from Ghent University...
Dana Freshley
Dana Freshley received a MSc in Rural Development from Ghent University in 2018, in which her research focused on the social and economic factors influencing the adoption of local and hybrid seeds by farmers in Nepal...
Hélène Van der Stricht
Hélène Van der Stricht obtained a MSc degree in Bioscience Engineering, major in Food Science and Nutrition from Ghent University...
Mulubrihan Bayissa Tullu
Mulubrihan Bayissa received his MSc in Agricultural Production Chain Management from Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences in 2014...
Maria Ignacia Rodriguez
I received my International MSc in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management from Ghent University in 2020...