Department of Agricultural Economics (BW27)

Mission: to stimulate basic, applied and innovative research on all socio-economic aspects of agriculture, nutrition, natural resources and rural development as a basis for excellence in education and decision support in business and government.
Themes:(1) natural resource management; (2) rural (development) economics and sociology; (3) business management; (4) agri-food marketing and supply chain management; (5) agricultural economics; (6) agricultural, food and environmental policy; (7) consumer behavior.
Social impact: apacity building, market research, decision support for policy and business.

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Did you know that...

Joost Dessein has been teaching a course on ‘regional and rural development’

Joost has been teaching a course on ‘regional and rural development’ in the international ‘master program in Coastal Communities and Regional Development’. Organised by the University Centre of the Westfjords, the small town Isafjordur attracts students from Europe and North America. We explored different ways of conceptualising regional development, and applied these theoretical insights to several case studies in and around Isafjordur. The course revolved around four related questions: What is regional development? What are different discourses? How do different stakeholders interact? And what are do’s and don’ts when organising a multi-stakeholders process for regional development? Teaching this small group of ten students from all over Europe and North-America was a fascinating experience. Inspired by their different geographical and disciplinary backgrounds, but also bound by a common interest in regional development, we engaged in interesting discussions and a diverse set of assignment.

Of course, the region is gorgeous. But the climatic conditions are special as well of course, oscillating between beautiful sunny days and snowy blizzards. Getting dressed in the morning implied adding at least six layers of clothes. And oh yeah, teaching on your socks is fun.